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I know there’s gotta be another folks that feel the same method. I know you’re on the market. Stop by and specific how you’re feeling. It is nice to see the Monkees revived. This is like looking into my childhood
all over again.

Does anybody know where I can find any video clips of the Monkess on the Web? I would prefer digitized clips from their t.v present. I am doing a project for a multi-media class on the Monkees and would love the clips. You can get “Gonna Buy Me a Dog” on the reissue of the first Monkees album. I beloved the Monkees special on the Disney channel! I wish I might meet
you guys.

I’ve seen their film HEAD and I don’t agree that this special was a step backwards. They took themselves slightly tooseriously in HEAD, so this particular was very refreshing. By themeans, thanks,Louise, for the guitar notes to Listen to the Band. C’mon,all you Mike followers, it is gettin’lonely,right here. C’mon, individuals, I want some Nesmith followers onthe market! I imply, you must admit,Peter’s cute, Micky’s cute, and so is Davy, but Mike’s the man who retains my boatafloat! Angelo Hettman

Even though I am 17, The Monkees are certainly one of my favourite groups. I use to watch their show when it was on in the 80’s and I additionally watch it now. Helloall the monkee followers on the market. Don’t hold out on me, Nez followers. As a notice,I thiught the ABC particular was nice!

Have original and Rhino albums. Never had a specific favorite Monkee. The monkees are great, however they need to absolutley by no means reform or anything.

In 6th grade all women that had been cool had been in our class’ Monkees fan
club. Those of us that started it for our class chose special names. Great to see them in motion once more. I have been a fan since the 60's.

I actually have just introduced JustUs and I love it. No matter what hold letting out that cool music.Keep up with the horse driving your nonetheless my favorite JOCKEY!! I simply love The Monkees and could not have been more pleased that they’ve reunited. I hope they keep a gaggle endlessly,Musics not music without The Monkees.